The State of Missouri has offered a tax credit for many years, and MO residents who make donations are eligible for a 70% tax credit.

In order for taxpayers’ to receive certificates of tax credits in time to be claimed on 2022 state income tax returns, PWC must receive tax credit applications no later than January 31st so that we can send them to the state by their deadline of February 3rd. The state will continue to process applications after that date but it may be possible that they may not be completed in time for filling 2022 returns.

Please consult with tax professional if you have any questions. To qualify the donor must:

  1. Live or have a business in Missouri
  2. Give a minimum of a $100 donation to a qualified pregnancy resource center. Parkville Women’s Clinic is a qualified pregnancy resource center.
  3. Complete a short application. This is a one-page application only includes tax payer identification information, pregnancy resource center information, and donation information.
  4. Provide proof of your donation (i.e. copy of check)

Submit the application to the Parkville Women’s Clinic. The clinic will submit it to the state of Missouri for approval