Download Tax Credit Application

The State of Missouri has offered a tax credit for many years, and the eligible amount is increasing for 2021. MO residents who make donations on or after Jan. 1, 2021 are now eligible for a 70% tax credit. 

Please consult with tax professional if you have any questions. To qualify the donor must:

  • Live or have a business in Missouri
  • Give a minimum of a $100 donation to a qualified pregnancy resource center. Parkville Women’s Clinic is a qualified pregnancy resource center.
  • Complete a short application. This is a one-page application only includes tax payer identification information, pregnancy resource center information, and donation information.
  • Provide proof of your donation (i.e. copy of check)
  • Submit the application to the Parkville Women’s Clinic. The clinic will submit it to the state of Missouri for approval

Click here for details or to download application form.